ClaraJane’s Jewelry Pop-Up Shop

Monday, November 18th 2019


After school today ClaraJane opened her new Jewelry Shop.   And since I’m the only family member with pierced ears right now, I was basically the only customer for this Soft Opening / Pop-Up / VIP Preview of the Biz.

She’s still working out her pricing structure:


Rent a a pair for 4 days:  $00.25

(One pair only)



Rent a pair for 2 weeks:  $00.50



Buy a pair:  $1.00



Being unfamiliar with earring rentals per-se, I opted to buy two pairs.   It took me a few tries to discover which ones she was willing to sell, since her “favorites” are not yet for sale.

del cry laugh emoji

Another customer did stop by, but as he doesn’t have pierced ears it didn’t garner much more than a nod and a shrug.


Brother Gavin checks out the new jewelry shop.


So she can continue to generate inventory make jewelry, at one point she asked me, “Mom, could you, um, keep the supplies coming?” And being that this is a business I’d like to invest in, I said “Yes honey.”  (o: 

del mom daughter flowers.jpg

Then it was closing time.


del emoji hearts


Note to CJ:  Mommy is so very proud of you Babe, for everything you do and try.   Keep up your efforts, and thank you for my wonderful new earrings!

del two heart balloons


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1 Response to ClaraJane’s Jewelry Pop-Up Shop

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Wow, clever Mommy for being an early investor. I would be interested in becoming a customer if any more earrings come to the market!

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