Our House Party: Mixing Politics with Pleasure

Saturday, October 26th 2019


Quinton Zondervan, my #1 choice for Cambridge City Council, getting grilled by guests. (o:


On this day I did something that scared the crap out of me.  Or “expanded the comfort zone” per se.  We held a Meet-the-Neighbors AND Meet-a-Candidate party.  And it was all thrown together last minute.  So considering all those things it was a lovely success and I can hardly wait to do it again.  (But not too soon.  Will have to clean up the house again by then…)

2019-10-26 Neighbor House Party with Politics [1:23]:


We have such an international community here (in the People’s Republic of Cambridge MA), it thrills me to see everyone show where they’re from on our glorious world map:


Italy, France, Ethiopia, Quebec, and Dominican Republic…



Ethiopia, France (“Nice” if you’re picky, which she is, lol), Massachusetts, Suriname, Columbia, and the exotic land of “New Jersey” (o:


Another thrill was how well the “Kids Movie Room” worked out; inglorious as our dump room is, the kids don’t care.  Throw some pillows in there, pull something up on an old laptop (original “Adams Family” in this case), put a label on it and make it so!


Try to peek in there and a chorus of children yell, “CLOSE THE DOOR!!!” lol


Finally, never short on words, I wrote some down and then read them aloud… after a few false starts.  (Naturally I had to silence the children in order to give a speech entailing the importance of listening to children.)

2019-10-26 Unsolicited House Party Speech by Jennifer [10:33]: 



And that’s how you do THAT, apparently.


Pro Tip: When throwing a party, it really helps to have one of THESE.             (Thank you Wove!!)


Until next time…





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1 Response to Our House Party: Mixing Politics with Pleasure

  1. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Congrats we need more of you. the secret is getting out the vote . love to all. GP

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