CJ Sez: Things I Never Said in 3rd Grade

Monday, October 21st 2019

CJ nurses a little sprain and nibbles snack while working on math homework


CJ:   Mom?

Well, right, I never said that.  But I digress.



CJ:  Mom? 

Me:  Hmm?

CJ:  Did you know that some scientists hypothesize that black holes lead to another universe?

Me:  Wow, well yeah that makes sense.  I actually wonder if at the other end of black holes is a new Big Bang.

CJ:  Yeah.



CJ:  [Doing math homework]:  Mom?  Is 15 minus 9,  five?

Me:  No honey.  Would you like me to get you some (tangible object) materials? 

CJ:   No thanks.  I’m supposed to do this abstractly.

amazed emoji.jpg


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