Bernie Sanders: Now Is The Time

October 2019

Check out Harry Belafonte: 


“When you have an opportunity to tell two black girls to shut up and get off stage and you don’t.  And you shake their hand and you smile and you step to the side and you LISTEN.  That is a firm difference from turning around and staring at a little black girl and saying ‘shut up I’ll talk to you later.’

“If I can find a picture of you 51 years ago chained to a black woman protesting segregation and I know 51 years later you’re willing to fold your arms hold your head and LISTEN to two black girls yell and scream rightfully so, as opposed to someone who will tell you to shut up.  As opposed to someone who will tell you ‘later!” when it comes to YOUR children dying in the street…”  ~Killer Mike


“The only one running without a SuperPAC, the only one who ain’t got all them big billions of dollars behind him.” ~Supporter

“Bernie Sanders is not just talking about it, he walks the walk!” ~Cornel West

“If we can abolish slavery in this country, if women can get the right to vote, Universal Health care can HAPPEN.  Tuition-free college can HAPPEN.”  ~Nina Turner

“And ladies we want our whole damn dollar.” ~Nina Turner

“I’m not here to talk about a dream that we think is unattainable so we settle for less.” ~Killer Mike

“This is no time to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King

“The cause is right, and the time is NOW.”  ~Nina Turner

“Now is the time to make real the promises of Democracy.  Now is the time.” MLK

“He is a champion for civil rights and social justice.”  Nina Turner

“When Bernie Sanders took that step to say ‘We need to address police brutality‘ in my opinion that just speaks volumes when it comes to being courageous and being bold.” ~Supporter

“We spend more money in this country to keep folks in prison, why can’t we invest some of that money to educate folks?”  ~Nina Tuner


“If you line up Martin Luther King’s social policy, there is only one candidate who lines up. ” ~Killer Mike

“People are afraid to go to the doctor because the bill will be so expensive.” ~Supporter

“We as a nation have a moral obligation to have universal health care.” ~Nina Turner

“Ending a bullshit drug war.” ~Killer Mike

“Making sure our children can go to college” ~Killer Mike

“Enough is enough is ENOUGH.”  ~Nina Turner

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