The Great Generation’s Great (Dis)illusionment

“Happy” Indiginous People’s Day – Monday, October 14th 2019

del silent generation


I am sad that the “Great Generation” is dying off either clinging to antiquated notions of romantic patriotism, or with the painful understanding that their entire lives were lived on the backs of those who we oppressed, disenfranchised, maimed, murdered and worse.

Our ENTIRE nation was founded on TWO principles:  GENOCIDE and SLAVERY.

EVERYTHING we enjoy is at the direct expense -and torture- of Native Americans and African Americans.

YES life was EASIER in the 50’s, when there was no expectation of sensitivity or accountability to marginalized people.  Whites -even a very cool mom friend of mine- COMPLAIN that the Politically Correct culture is “Annoying.”  ANNOYING!?!  Yes, consideration for the personal experiences of others is INCONVENIENT.  But as opposed to WHAT!?!?

The U.S.A. were the heroes in World War II, and we have continued benefiting from -and exploiting- that golden glow ever since.   We even have family members who:


  1. Believe the U.S. only goes into wars for “noble” reasons,
  2. Do not believe (or acknowledge) the very EXISTENCE of the Military Industrial Complex, and it’s ve$ted interests in actively fomenting wars (all 7 of them currently, for example)
  3. Worry about the declining relative population of WHITES in this country, and even ask;
  4. Ask, “What good is diversity?”


These are not bad people. But I am sorry most of them will never know -or acknowledge- the prices that were paid for their comfortable existence.

I am only starting to awaken to price of mine.

“Christianity” at Work; our ancestral heritage


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1 Response to The Great Generation’s Great (Dis)illusionment

  1. And to those offended by the suggestion of their unearned privileges, I offer this term:

    CAUCASITY. Whites benefit from white privilege and then when you try to address it their white fragility kicks in with denial. Then Caucasity starts when you speak on it and they dismiss and shut down what is actually going on by saying dumb stuff like race had nothing to do with….then they make themselves the victim. SMDH

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