Gavin’s First 2019 Fall Ball Outing

Sunday, September 28th 2019


Now that Fall is underway and I finally remember to sign him up, Boy had his first “Fall Ball” outing today.  When he showed up for the Blue Team, the Maroon Team didn’t have enough players, so they traded him to them.  And he PITCHED!  He also hit a one run DOUBLE.  (I later found out that was the only scoring run of the game.)  Oh yeah and on defense he played FIRST BASE. (!)

“Well, I’m tall,” he says.


In honor of his efforts the Maroon Team gave him their “Game Ball.”

And for his sportsmanship so did the Blue Team!

Boyfriend came home with TWO “Game Ball” feathers in his cap.

Granted he’s probably twice the size of lots of the kids out there, but for the mom of a Boy who isn’t generally that moved by the competitive spirit of team sports… I am verklempt.  (And I’m thankful at least some of his talent is getting some use.)


I don’t expect a repeat or anything, but I can hardly wait to see what next Sunday brings.


Thankful to my town for the availability of this wonderful program!


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2 Responses to Gavin’s First 2019 Fall Ball Outing

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Well, that is just great! Good going, Gavin!

  2. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Does Gavin have an email address? Way to go Gavin and the way you would shoot up the place with your guns always told me that you would be a force to be reckoned with both as a sportsman and as a competitor. Love grandpa

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