Exploring Our New Middle School

September 3rd 2019

del tissue


I have a Back-to-School Parent Trick I will gift you here.  It is a passport to the inside of your child’s classroom.  Better than flowers, or a gift card or a…  [shudders] mug.  For the mere price of our modest property taxes, and about maybe 30 bucks at CostCo… you can show up on the first day of school and get INTO your child’s classroom.  Just have cases of Kleenex, Clorox Wipes and hand sanitizer in your arms.  That’s it!  The teacher goes,  “My goodness!  Wow thank you!  Can you bring that in right over here?”

And voila.  There you are, inside!

del ninja .jpg


And if you are new to the school –as I am to my son’s new Junior High– you can find out, like; WHERE the classroom is, WHO his teacher is,  WHAT she is like,  WHAT they will be learning there, WHO else is in the room and more!

To wit:

My son’s schedule and Social Studies class expectations:


I don’t yet know what are “Y chart behaviors.”


Sample’s of our school’s inclusive culture and spectacular diversity!!

I always swoon at the diversity of names in our community.  #Huzzah!


Even caught a glimpse of his new Spanish Teacher!


Our friend, the incomparable Ms. Oksana, frantically putting the finishing touches on her vibrant classroom.


Sample a taste of moving with the herd (deafening cacophony not available):



And in my case, Boy even comes over to check in with me (who, me?) for a moment… in front of classmates and everything!


Gavin the new sixth grader.  So dreamy!


I use the word “pride” very carefully, but I am *proud* of our Boy for choosing to approach this new chapter of school with preparedness, calm, optimism, a degree of hygiene, and curiosity.  (o;

Go BOY!  (I got your back.  I’m right here!  YOO-HOO!!  MOMMY LOVES YOOOOOO!!!!)



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2 Responses to Exploring Our New Middle School

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if “Y chart behaviors” were the same as “O Flamly Values”?

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