Pixel’s Puppies: Dress Up Day

Tuesday, July 30th 2019

For sone reason we keep showing up at my sister-in-law’s in Gloucester to visit puppies before going to the beach this summer, as evidenced by this diagram of executive planning by Daddy:

DLove’s Plan

Today ClaraJane came armed with enough doll clothes for ALL of them:

I await my award for this collage *masterpiece*…

And because one friend I showed couldn’t work out whether they are *real,* here is the live reel of their photo shoot.

2019-07-30 Dress Up Day for Pixel’s Puppies [0:58]:

Thanks for sharing your home and pups with us Auntie Liz!


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1 Response to Pixel’s Puppies: Dress Up Day

  1. ClaraJane says:

    OH MY GOSH SO POOPIN CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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