ClaraJane at Improv Camp

July 22-26, 2019

First Day of Improv Camp

I was worried my daughter might be overwhelmed at Improv Camp.

She’s the youngest age eligible for summer classes at the incomparable Improv Boston. But the initiative is all hers, and I’m behind her 100%.

Here she is gearing up for the first day:

When we picked her up after the first day she exclaimed, “That day felt like infinity hours!” But then as we were still walking out the door she said, “I really miss that place. I can’t wait to go back there.”

By Tuesday day she’s showing me a list of improv games she’s learned, and acting them out:

Games: World’s Worst ~ Back in My Day ~ Slogans ~ Campfire Stories ~ Stunt Dubels

By Wednesday afternoon I’m in a bike shop buying a bright new helmet (to replace a broken one) so she can perform on roller skates in the class talent show.

Thursday morning she’s heading off wearing the “CJ” backpack I made, toting her helmet and skates inside a fuzzy bag with light-up wheels:

I doubt I ever had a moment in my childhood where I was half as cool as she is today.

And I can hardly wait for the student showcase on Friday!

[Stay tuned.]

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