Tobin Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal – 2019


As I can’t make it to the Spring Concert (tomorrow) I crashed the Dress Rehearsal today!

Of note, the first song, “Namaste,” really knocked my socks off.

2019-06-06 Tobin Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal [2:59]: 



The rest was great too, including all the fidgety kids doing their best to survive the ordeal of being crammed together on stage under concert lights.  Love you, kids!


Victor & Zaida each doing their best to keep it together  (o;


We are so blessed with exquisite and dignified (Kodaly) music direction at our school.  Thank you Mr. Reynolds!

[Note:  Regrettably I will be missing Gavin performing on the Viola.  ):]

And no concert would be complete without your child INSISTING on a hug before going back to class!


Girlfriend, I love you so much you give me CUTE AGGRESSION!!!


del emoji hearts

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