Kids Not Starving

Friday, May 31st 2019


This post is about kids not starving.


Daddy went out so it was Mom’s turn to cook and NEWSFLASH: the kids didn’t starve!

(Yes go ahead and judge; I cook so rarely I’m blogging about it.)

2019-05-31 KIDS NOT STARVING [0:26]:


It was all a very serious affair, obviously.



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AT RISE: About the Trifle
Mom is curating the layers of frozen mango, frozen cherries, chocolate pudding, sliced bananas, butter cookies, marshmallows, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate sauce.
ClaraJane:  WAIT. [Points to layer of chocolate pudding.]  Is THAT the chocolate pudding?
Mom:  Yes.
CJ:  Where is the rest of it?
Mom:  That’s it.
CJ:  That’s ALL the chocolate pudding?
CJ:  Right there?
Mom:  Yes.
CJ:  Wait, is there any more?
Mom:  No.
CJ: [Pauses.]  Mom.  Next time can you put the chocolate pudding on the TOP?!?
Mom:  (o:
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

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Sometimes when I reflect what a charmed life we lead I want to cry.


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