Running Away with the Big Apple Circus

Thursday, April 11th 2019


My kids have asked me to “not get any more jobs.”  But the Big Apple Circus is in town, so alas I must!   A few of us have been lucky enough to perform with this wonderful institution for pre-show audiences.

Today I had the honor of performing for audiences of Circus of the Senses; a special presentation of the show for audience members with visual and/or hearing impairment.


Connecting with one of our visually challenged friends. 


With a wonderful kid of an old buddy; so grown up!



For 25+ years I’ve been singing a song that includes imagery of being “All Alone in the Empty Big Top” … and today for a moment it actually happened. (o:


So happy and psyched for my colleague, Stephanie Monseau; this year’s Big Apple Ringmaster.  Go Stephanie!

del Big-Apple-Circus-Ringmaster-1.jpg

“May all your days be circus days!”


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