Hospital Clowning: April Fools

Monday, April 1st 2019

For April Fools this year we got ALL CLOWNS ON DECK.


Instead of the usual two clowns on rounds, we had twelve.

Here we are in an elevator with our photographer John stuck in there too, lol:



Here we are after “helping” in the cafeteria during lunchtime:



Here are some shots from our Big Clown Comedy Show:


As for my part in the show, long story short we ended up producing a professional music video of a patient-friend performing the World Debut of her original song, City of the Unicorn.  I got to introduce it and share this example of how our spirits are lifted by those whose spirits it is supposed to be our job to lift.  Due to privacy I cannot share her song here, but I hope you will trust how magnificent and wonderful it was.

Joy and Jay also performed an beautiful battle over a chair:


Which Dr. Mal Adjusted won in the end:

And that’s how you do THAT.


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