Home Making: From “Ew!” to “Ooh!”

Saturday, March 30th 2019


I’m amazed at what one good NAP,  $29 worth of wallpaper, plus reading instructions can do for a wall in your dining area that was previously blah, scuffed up and chipped.

I didn’t take the “before” photo, but here is the “after.”


Honestly this was a thrilling transformation.   Our wall went from “Ew!” to “OOH!”

Sometimes I pinch myself at what a beautiful and peaceful home we have been able to cultivate and afford.

Here are the children adorning the environment with their beauty and peacefulness.


Creating his next D&D Quest.


Absorbed in the latest Roald Dahl novel (The BFG).



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2 Responses to Home Making: From “Ew!” to “Ooh!”

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    It’s wonderful that you savor it as it’s happening. It’s the City of the Unicorn.
    The new wall is lovely but I liked it the way it was, too, with random stuff, ever changing, pinned all over it.

    • Thanks Mom! No worries, there’s still plenty of random stuff all around. I look forward to having you over for dinner sometime next to our beautiful dining “room” wall. (o:

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