At Rise: But Life is FUN!

Saturday, March 23rd 2019

del fun group-kids-having-fun-cartoon-35468862


AT RISE:  After the “Good Parents” discussion, dinner is wrapping up and the kids are still chatting.

Gavin:  Olivia, but life is fun!

Olivia:  Yeah it is fun.

Gavin:  But I wonder what would happen if you just kept on committing crimes?

Olivia:  I know.  I had over a hundred babies at one point.

[It is at this point that Mom realizes they are perhaps no longer talking about real life.]


delete bit life

A Video Game, Apparently

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2 Responses to At Rise: But Life is FUN!

  1. The conversation continues the next morning.
    Olivia: “You’d be surprised but a butt crack crack can kill you.  You can also get cancer of the anus. Which I have had several times. Once at age four.”

  2. Olivia: Yeah it’s a fun game.
    Gavin: Except when you get cancer of the anus!

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