CJ Cousin Time

Thursday, March 21st 2019


Daddy tells ClaraJane all the people who were asking after her at school today; with Aunt Amanda, Cousin Mary & Cousin Rowan.


Certainly a bonus of concussion recovery is when your COUSINS COME OVER!

2019-03-21 CJ Cousin Time [30 seconds]:


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2 Responses to CJ Cousin Time

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Clearly ClaraJane is made of strong stuff, but still I’m glad Mary jumped on Uncle Paul rather than CJ. She knows no moderation. Thanks for the loan of Gavin today for Miles’ unbirthday LaserCraze party. The big boys enjoyed it very much, but no more than Rowan did. He bounced and yelled along with the hundreds of other crazed kids. Amanda drove Da Minivan (mini?) to collect Oliver, get gas, drive out Rte 2 and up I95 to LazerLand, back down 95, east on 2, dropped off 2 boys and collected 1 baby seat on Park Ave, bounced around Somerville potholes to Somerville High to deliver Oliver to baseball practice, Windsor to deposit Gavin, Springfield St to collect Clementine (because HER MOTHER has a concussion — she whacked herself in the head with her own car door), and brought Clem back to Park Ave for an overnight. And stayed cheerful throughout. As did Rowan!

  2. Woah Mom that is amazing. I can mostly imagine DOING all that. What’s hard to picture is PLANNING all that! Man she is a Super Lady for sure. So glad y’all had so much fun! ❤

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