Michael Cohen Day: Thanks Ikea!

Wednesday, February 27th 2019


Oh man, that was whack.  Strait up, historic, whack.

I’m just so grateful that the thing I ordered from Ikea just arrived so I totally had a tangible project to throw myself into while taking in The Hearing.  (Not to mention a an open day in which to do these things.)

It’s a folding, floating desk for my daughter.

She didn’t really want to give up her old desk (a charming, funky, wobbly old folding table), but agreed to *try* this one.

She dealt with the transition mostly by burrowing into the box it came in, replete with flashlight, snacks and a bowl of ice (because “It’s hot in here!”)  Later when I emptied the box after she was done, out dribbled a small rivulet of water and some chocolate chips. 😹


One trip to the hardware store later and the desk is finally installed. But, will she like it? 

Drumroll please…

Miss Saasypants thinks about it.


That’s a yes.

Just as the Cohen Hearing ends too.

We made it!

Thank you IKEA.

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