About the Ottoman

Tuesday, February 26th 2019

I’m not sure how I feel about it, but amidst decluttering and decluttering and decluttering the domicile, we found this enormous OTTOMAN to apparently FILL a great portion of our newly liberated living room. And I’m the one who went to get it and bring it home. Either way here it is:

2019-02-25 New Ottoman Experience [0:44]:

The other thing about it is it costed $200. Compared to other comparable pieces I searched, it’s a good price for a high quality item. But, forgive me when I say this; I’ve just never bought such a nice ottoman before.  I guess I’m partially uncomfortable for being made aware all over again of enjoying such a comfortable lifestyle. (So yes the fight for social justice continues.)

So, Kitten likes it fine, just not as much as stinky shoes.


Most importantly, it’s a good size for Mah Hubsand.

(Museum frame around my Adonis)  (o;


And, furthermore:

Yeah, I think it was a good pick. It’s not the ottoman’s fault for not being long enough for my daughter’s legs. Nothing is.  (o;

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