At Rise: Name Your Parts

Thursday, January 17th 2019


del drunk history.jpg


AT RISE:  Jennifer comes home and goes in the kitchen to say hi to Paul quickly before tucking-in the kids waiting in their beds.

Wahf:  Did you see your sister’s post on Facebook?

Hubsand:  I… don’t know.

Wahf:  The one about naming your genitals?

Hubsand:  N..  No.

Wahf:  It said, “Ladies! Your vagina is now named after the last TV show you watched.  What is it?”

Hubsand:  O… K…

Wahf:  Mine is, “Drunk History.”

Both:  [laughing]

Hubsand:  Well if I named my parts it would be “America’s Got Talent.”



del agt

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