Hospital Clowning: Mom, FUN!

Tuesday, January 15th 2019

del mom & baby laugh.jpg


We poke our heads in the door of six year old Weston and his mom gives a thoughtful look and tells us her son had just said to her, “Mom.  FUN!”  as he hadn’t had any for WEEKS.

Amazed and with goosebumps at the serendipity, we enter and do our best.  He likes my kazoo and wants to try it which of course because of germs I can’t share it.  Thinking quick, Dr. Dazzle demonstrates how to make the sound without one, but then only issues a plaintive grunt.  Weston erupts into a full belly laugh at her failure and it is GAME ON.  We all get a very thorough workout laughing so hard at our dumb noises, including mom who climbs in bed with Weston to get in on the action.  Dazzle even thinks to grab mom’s phone and make some video of the two of them laughing hysterically in bed together, each wearing red clown noses no less.

Mission accomplished and I can hardly think of a greater privilege in my life.


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