AT RISE: CJ Sez Yes and NO

Monday, January 14th 2018

Cute cartoon angry girl character vector.

At Rise:  A giant 7 year old little baby woman comes into mom’s bedroom all dressed for school, clutching a book.  Something is off.

Mom:  Are you okay honey?

BabyWoman:  [Pauses.  Then in her baby voice says]  Physically?  Yes.  Emotionally?  NO!

Mom:  [stifling a chortle]  What is it honey?

BabyWoman:  How come EVERY time it’s my turn for Mad About Madeline it never happens?  Not last night, not the night before, not the night before that!

Mom:  Aw you’re bummed because we didn’t get to read last night.  You’re RIGHT!  Friday was the play, Saturday was the party, and last night I had to read my essays to Daddy.  And you ESPECIALLY have a right to feel jipped because that was all for your brother’s application to school.  But I do assure you when it’s your turn I’ll be doing the same for you.

BabyWoman:  [Calms down, sits down.]

Mom:  I think we should start reading again right away, like after school today.

BabyWoman:  Great!  Can I read this book to you right now?

Mom:  Sure honey.

BabyWoman:  [Begins to read Pounce the Pilgrim Cat out loud… all the way to the bus stop and the bus comes.]  Bye Mamma!  [Boards bus which heads off to school.]



Sometimes parenting involves the best problems ever.  Sometimes they read to you.  And sometimes your 7 y/o comes to you and says; “Physically?  Yes.  Emotionally?  NO!”  

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