#116th Congress for the Record

Friday, January 4th 2018



When Gavin read this he said, “Wait! No. It’s actually 43 out of 45.”  I waited to be elucidated by his historical insight.   He explained, “The current president isn’t white, he’s orange.”

Be that as it may, while reading this;



He stopped and said, “Hang on a second.  I just have to say; what a time to be ALIVE.  Just as I’m old enough to begin understanding all this, a dam is bursting open and it’s like, MAKE IT RAIN!!!”  [Excited little dance.]

delete make it rain.gif


We also agreed that the photo of this staggering amount of badassery is so totally awesome.

del women of congress


Specifically our own Ayanna Pressley “Looks like James Bond or something!” he said, and that together these women look like “Ocean’s 8!”  These women definitely look like they could pull off a heist.  Or anything they set their mind to.  Such as taking on the revolting current incarnation of the “GOP,” and laying the groundwork for healthcare, education and renewable energy for all. 


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