Carry the Future

December 17th 2018

delete carry the future


Just in time for the holidays, Dear Hubsand and I have found ourselves on a streak of purging and organizing.  There are few things so gratifying as getting things OUT of your environment that are no longer serving it.  Some things are hard to part with and take more time and care to meaningfully re-home, such as this baby carrier:


This “Boba Classic” is such a versatile workhorse I swear you could strap a little refugee granny in there if you were fleeing a fire or natural disaster.  Crazy I know but that is how my mind operates; part apocalyptic survivor.


Speaking of crazy, here’s the time I accessorized my costume with Dear Daughter for a performance in the MIT Juggling Festival:

2015-02-07 JTJ @ JUGGLE MIT


So, the baby carrier, for which my children are truly too damn big (and my sister does not need for her baby).  What’s a sentimental mom to do?

Enter, Carry the Future, the organization that donates baby carriers to actual refugees.  CHECK. THIS. OUT.

CarryTheFuture – Huffington Post Piece [1:20]: 


I contacted them and, boom.  All I need to do is send it to:

Carry the Future, Cubesman Unit #1034, 6875 Lee Highway, Arlington VA 22213

Just as soon as I find the packing tape.

Meanwhile, this song that really captures the essence of these efforts (and really hits paydirt around minute 1:40 fyi).  Enjoy!

Carry The Future by Carolynn Schwartz Black [2:40]: 


To help, visit:  (also on Facebook).

Thank you for considering!

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