Christmas Tree 2018

Saturday, December 8th 2018

What a beauty we found at Wolf Hill Farm today.


Gavin on the saw


I really don’t feel great about sawing down a tree.  But such is our savage tradition and I go with it:


Proud 10 year old with his kill


Cousin Olivia arrives just in time to help us stand it up.



Dear Hubsand sees to it that our tree is proportional for him.


6’9″ man… 13′ tree?


I cannot get the star on top, not even on a tall stool, on my tippy toes with a “grabber.”


DH to the rescue


This tree practically makes my Hubsand look like an elf.


Soooooooo pretty.

Magical and Magestic 


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1 Response to Christmas Tree 2018

  1. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Very sweet.

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