Fire Cider: Mom How Could You?

Monday, November 26th 2018

Once the Fire Cider is prepared it must marinate for a month during which it is to be turned over once each day.  Making coffee this morning I, ahem, turned it over.

After school I encountered this correspondence from ClaraJane.


to:  Mom!  form:  CJ


Why did you trun the Fyah Cydah upsidone with out me? It is so fun to to it! Why did you Mommy?


CJ, Oh. My. Gerd.  I totally blew it!  I hvae no good reason.  I am sorry.  I hope you forgive me.  I promise to never do it again without you!  Love Mom

PS,  Can you ever forgive me?  YES / NO

Maybe Mabe not!

Thank you so much! 

But that was just you saing it. 

let us see if you can keep your word!

Yes baby, fair enough. 

Words are cheap. 

Let’s see if I can keep my word! 

Love Mom

[Note to self: my daughter is seven.  Holy crap I am in trouble!]


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