ClaraJane’s Hairstyle Event

Friday, November 16th 2018


Haircuts after stomach virus and we are phoenix rising from ashes!


2018-11-16 ClaraJane’s Hairstyle Event [1:07]:


(I think we can agree the real hero of this story, in addition to our wonderful stylist Dawn from Franco’s Hair Studio in Cambridge, is the beautiful unscripted reaction of her brother Gavin!)


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2 Responses to ClaraJane’s Hairstyle Event

  1. Bubble Ww says:

    and Dada’s tears! Mine, too. But to bootiful females are still bootiful with a smidge less hair.

    • It only seems sad-ish until you behold the glorious sight of her brushing her hair by herself. Now we see this gorgeous shimmering hair all the time instead of a chronic impenetrable snarl. Plus she loves it & is very happy. Most importantly she directed the whole thing. ❤

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