Voting Day 2018

Election Day – Tuesday, November 6th 2018

Voting Day itself was so enjoyable this year.  For a split second We-the-Constituents get to put our hands on the steering wheel.  It reminded me of July 2016 when I was filled with hope for Bernie Sanders’ nomination.  #Possibility!

I enjoyed delegating my Civic Responsibilities to Child Labor:


Meanwhile the internet was bursting with a downright celebratory mood, as people from all corners posted pictures of themselves wearing their “I Voted” stickers.

This friend here [L] made a “VOTE” collage with her kids and dog, while this one over here [R] shared this amazing shot of her daughters (whom I adore) as suffragettes!

Q: When will Kentucky stop shitting on us with this McConnell Scourge?


Then there was this “Me in 2016 vs. 2018” trend, with one friend featuring her own daughter [R].

And also my super engaged, super pissed fellow liberal mom right here [L].

Come to find out my husband’s uncle was even running in his local county:


Overall a very unifying feeling of a day.

Although of course you can’t win them all:

My friend and colleague, Yo Joe What a Guy.


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