Get Out The Vote with Bernie Sanders!

Sunday, November 4th 2018

Not for nothing, but today we shook his hand. (!!!)

2018-11-04 G.O.T.V. with Bernie Sanders! [1:12]:

Of course, it’s “not about Bernie, it’s about all of us.” And voting for everyone’s lives. But goodness how I’ll always love the incomparable Senator Sanders.

But that his honesty, integrity, moral compass, commitment to the common good, generosity of character, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, selflessness, talent for public speaking (in complete sentences) and youthful vigor weren’t so RARE.

On account of Gavin I said to Bernie, “He invited you to his birthday and you wrote us a beautiful letter.”

Bernie smiled and congenially said, “Did I?”

Lovely and so sweet is this man.

Here’s the rest of my dorky fan selfies:


Now let’s VOTE; for a Democracy that works for all of us!


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