At Rise: No Offense Mom

Monday, October 22nd 2018



At Rise:  Mom is answering Gavin’s question about reincarnation as espoused by the Hindu Religion Uncle Rob followed for decades.

Mom:  So they believe that each lifetime is for the purpose of working through issues.  Some people aspire to complete all their spiritual evolution by the end of their current lifetime;  to transcend the cycle of reincarnation and become One With God instead of reliving the pain of life on Earth .

For example in my lifetime; I hope to gain wisdom about motherhood, learning patience, discovering the best ways to be a contribution to the world, stuff like that.  And although I certainly hope to be more evolved by the end of this lifetime, I don’t necessarily expect to attain full enlightenment.

Gavin:  Yeah Mom.  No offense, but I don’t think so.  Not even close!  Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!


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4 Responses to At Rise: No Offense Mom

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    Children are, among other things, humbling.

    We are struggling currently with wild stuff evoked by DISNEY and other not-really-innocuous children’s books with Mary. No matter if we clean up the language as we go. The “forester” (not armed and dangerous “huntsman”) was ordered by the evil queen to leave Snow White in the forest, not kill her.

    Nevertheless, “what is evil?”, and Snow White’s high-concept rescue scenario was for “a prince, any prince, to show up and take her to his castle on a white horse.” It’s true, in those days, there wasn’t much upward mobility opportunity for girls except a prince coming along. And for that, you damn well better be the fairest in the land.

    What is evil?

    Evil is when somebody is very very bad.

    M: You mean like when Oliver bites me?

    No, that is very naughty but children can’t be evil, only grownups.

    M: Well, it really hurt.

    Yes, but Oliver when he grows up will be a nice man, he’s just a naughty child right now. He’ll learn better.

    Stall out…

    Our version of Noah’s Ark is cute with all the animals but then right off the bat, “God wanted to drown the wicked people. Only Noah feared God.” Aggghhh. I always leave that part out but Amanda included “God” and then had to explain.

    “What is God?” sez Mary.

    “Oh, er, er,…:”stutters Amanda.

    Mary: “Is it like when the wind blows.”

    Amanda: “Yeah, that’s as good as any other description I guess. Yeah, it’s like when the wind blows”

    No wonder people want to just drop their kids off at church and let the priest explain. And of course, he’s going to only make it worse and the kids will have to go to therapy for 10 years to recover.

    Kids are humbling, etc, etc, and PARENTING is REALLY HARD WORK.


  2. Oh wow Mom; fantastic. Amazing. On a side note I would posit that dear Oliver did a naughty thing, but isn’t necessarily on the whole “naughty” per se. Slice and dice difference perhaps. I think it is religious doctrine to separate the sin from the sinner. Although obviously those sanctimonious evangelical m*f*ers have taken it too far with the current beacon of evil residing in the White House, but I guess I digress.

  3. Bubble Wow says:

    You’re right…Oliver is a regular boy DOING NAUGHTY THINGS. With grownups, on the other hand, I’m willing in many cases to conflate the act with the person, religious doctrine be damned. I don’t mean freaked-out parents doing the best they can and screwing up sometimes but really loving their kids and trying hard to be the best parents they can be. I mean dead souls who care only about themselves and immeasurably hurt others on purpose. Unfortunately, such dead souls exist, and often in positions of high authority.

    They often exist in children’s books, too, and what to teach children about them is very challenging.

  4. Hi Mom: Just getting back ’round to this thread. I would also posit that *most* people who do harm don’t even do it in order to harm others; they do it to serve themselves. (Perhaps even with biting.) Maybe people are so naturally narcissistic it doesn’t even occur to them the effects of their actions on others… as in phubbing which is my obsession right now around 11/20/2018. Or better yet like the uber rich who have an insatiable appetite for resources; they just don’t *care* what happens to others. Or the current pres & his supporters maligning and exploiting the most vulnerable populations there are; refugees and children, aka: children refugees. IDK.

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