Little Rock Landing

(Later that same) Thursday, October 18th 2018

2018-10-18 Little Rock Landing [1 min]:

Gavin’s first highlight comes in the form of finding a forgotten credit card in our check-in kiosk and turning it in to an officer. He already felt great about his thoughtful deed when the owner somehow found us and thanked him effusively.

One of my lowlights is having my Yankee white trash food confiscated. I purposely asked Dear Hubsand to go buy me a jar of Fluff and Boston peanut butter as an answer to my southern sister’s Hormel-Velveeta “Cheese” Dip. But then TSA throws it out on account of its dangerously creamy texture.

Then I get the third degree over some disposable juggling balls I brought. I literally have to deconstruct them to demonstrate the uncookef rice inside isn’t explosive or something.

Oh yeah and they get an old imitation Swiss army knife off Gavin too. For a lot of money or effort we could retain the items but Forward Imperfectly we go.

The kids are excellent and responsible travelers as expected but so far they’re also tackling their school assignments. They are “not hungry” during our layover in Atlanta till I get their noses up to Chipo, at which point they each relent and magnanimously mack down some steak burritos.

They don’t even complain when the second flight has NO video screens, NO music even, and NO view except for an entire airplane engine just outside the window. And the stewardess nearly fainted when the kids politely requested their drinks, saying thank you with words and stuff. She said she almost never sees basic decent manners like that anymore, and calls it “a lost art form.” I feel her pain.

This account so far is what kindergarten teachers call “Bed to bed;”. every inconsequential detail and none of the significant ones.

To that I say, “Too bad.”

Or “Tant pis” en francais.

#AuntJoye. #CousinDawson

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1 Response to Little Rock Landing

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    I dunno about peanut butter but I would suspect FLUFF is indeed dangerous.


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