Life in the Dream

Thursday, October 11th 2018

I just love how my daughter’s reading has caught fire.


And how my son loves (needed, choose and appreciates) his new sneakers. And how he is a lanky jumble of limbs with shoes; just like me at his age (10).


And how my Girl Power daughter –while still having room to grow in the diplomacy department– does not take Any BS from Boys on the bus.


Or from her mother for that matter:


How well this brother and sister actually get along:

Tic Tac Toe on the wet car window

Reading while waiting for the doctor




















And how endowed my kids are with the adoring love of a father and true man unafraid to shower them with his affection:
















And how we are covered in magically wonderful beasts so daily:


And the miracle of how blessed we are with security, warmth, comfort, food, shelter, clean water, power, infrastructure, HEALTH, employment, education, transportation, access to medical care, friends, family, enrichment and fun.


Obviously I did nothing specific to deserve access to these blessings, while so many suffer unimaginably throughout the planet and in our back yards.


I promise to always to my best to appreciate every little blessing, work hard, play hard, rest p.r.n., be kind in general (even if I hella fail), fight for right and help others how I can.


I KNOW we’re all gonna die.  It’s all gonna end sometime. And that could be ANY time. And depending on how this Fascist Disease plays out it could be sooner than later for all of us on this Little Ship we’re burning up.

The uncertainty and the impermanence of it all are the price we pay for the richness of it all.

Of course it is painful to contemplate. Whomever told us life was supposed to be pain free sold us some very paltry smoke and mirrors.

Yet, with riches like these how can I do anything but fall to my knees in gratitude. I grieve for what I have to lose. And I accept the consequences of these gifts.


Amen. And halleluia.


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