Mamma Out

Thirsty, October 4th 2018

Sacred in the Mundane:

It’s been nearly *two years* since I’d been OUT; to my “Cheers,” –the Thirsty Scholar- where they actually do know my name and are glad I came and time seems to stand still. I can always find a cold fresh beer, a warm smile, a spot at the gorgeous long wooden bar and an old familiar fellow “regular” or two with whom to shoot the breeze. Also a Hubsand at home who doesn’t mind and is in fact quite happy for me.

These are (still) the days my friend.

If this all seems only Mundane and not also Sacred, then I congratulate you on the great level of privileges and security you obviously enjoy in your present, inevitably fleeting, circumstances.

Speaking of fleeting, here was my curated flight of diminishing Closing Time drinks:

Night night, lol.


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