Hospital Clowning: Gonzo vs. Grumpy

October 3rd 2018

grumpy girl

No sooner do we gussy up and head out of the office, a child basically stomps by us with scowl on her face and arms crossed staunchly across her chest.  Dr. Gonzo does an immediate u-turn and starts joking with her.  She is not having it.  The mom and grandma come along and I joke with them; “My partner might be in over his head here; I was too afraid to go near her!”  They laugh and I tepidly head over to somehow partner with him in this precarious situation, as is my job.   He is blowing bubbles and the girl is hunkered down shaking her head “no.”  I’m thinking we’re in real trouble here, when out comes the fart gun and he points it at her head.  PLFFFFTHTH.  Her angry frown flips into a smirk.  A SMILE actually.  Oh my god, just like that he cracked open her amour.  A little more goading and goofing and she throws her head all the way back in Full. Belly. Laughs.

The 180-degree turnaround is 100% complete.  Gonzo and I briefly contemplate ending our day on this perfectly high note, but then concede we do in fact still have our full day of rounds ahead of us.  In fact we’re just getting started.



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