Cambridge High School – Welcome BLACK

September 6th 2018

I cannot believe how fantastic this is.  Our high school’s Black Student Union -who have done an outstanding job of documenting and advocating against the constant, pervasive and otherwise sometimes invisible forms of discrimination that students of color face at every turn- after a VERY challenging year, decided to start this school year on the most abjectly positive note I can imagine; so beautiful it brings me to tears every time I view it [2:23]:

This past Thurs., Sept. 6, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School‘s Black Student Union hosted their 1st-ever “WELCOME BLACK” event to kick off the 1st-full-day of the new year. Encouraging their peers to come early to join them, BSU energetically welcomed students, teachers, and staff arriving at school.

Proud to continue working with these young Black scholars.


Such vision, organization, talent, inclusion, execution AND documentation!

Now THAT’S community.



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