Kavenaugh, Corruption and the Cookie Jar

9/11… 2018 or… 1918???

Transcript from Judiciary Confirmation hearing of SCOTUS-Nominee Judge” Brett Kavenaugh”:


[Spot-On Transcript of Video, See Below]

Senator Kamala Harris Grills Brett Kavanaugh On Robert Mueller Investigation | NBC News [2:25]: 


The Judiciary Committee is to vote -perhaps on September 20th- on whether to approve Brett Kavenaugh as new justice of the SCOTUS, even though he was nominated by an unhinged, untruthful, unindicted co-conspirator to multiple felonies.  Kavenaugh has written that presidents should be above the law,  that Roe v. Wade is “unsettled law,” and more.

It is totally freaking unbelievably crazy.

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