Danny O’Connor – The Fight Continues

Sunday, August 19th 2018

It has now been over 12 days since an election for U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 12th (traditionally very RED) District, came out with a margin too close to call.  It is now a tale of uncounted ballots and possibly -hopefully- a recount.  The underdog in this story is of course the Democratic candidate, this wonderful human being right here, Danny O’Connor.

Ohio Democrat Danny O’Connor: “This fight continues” [1:09]:


“Working people need a voice.”

“We need to make sure that the process is respected.”

“Too many people want a congressman that is going to represent every county.”

Q:  And what does he say to those who voted third party?

A:  “I thank them for voting.  Because participating in our democracy is the most important thing we can do.”   ~Danny O’Connor


So obvious right?  But so rare these days; such positive rhetoric and such respect for our hopeful attempts at democracy.  Plus I find him to exude a kind of humanistic positivity and grace that is irresistably inspiring.   That is why I have been sending his campaign $15 every few days to help fund what we hope will be a recount.

Here he is taking a stand for -gasp!- accessible healthcare:

Danny O’Connor:  ‘Saturday’ [30 seconds]:


And here he is taking a stand for new leadership, on -gasp!- BOTH sides of the aisle:

Danny O’Connor:  ‘New Leadership’ [30 seconds]: 


Boy, just look at the that baby face.  How he gets “ticked off.”  And loves his mama.

Homemade vanilla ice cream for American pie the way I like it;  a la mode, FOR the people, and NOT CORRUPT.

Among his many endorsements is my fave, MOVEON.org, which fights for, you know:

Equality, Sustainability, Justice and Love.

delete this fucking asshole

Things this inhuman f*ing asshole nightmare over here will never understand.









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