At Rise: Whatever Your Name Is, Uncle

Sunday, July 29th 2018

At Rise: Clayton is by the straw shed on Century Grandview Farm in Iowa, demonstrating the finer points of *oats* to his young cousins Zachary, Gavin, ClaraJane and Niece Cora Beth as Dad/Uncle Anthony and Mom/Aunt Jenny look on. Brother Knute is out stacking straw bales on the rack behind Papa Troy’s tractor in the field.

Clayton: So if you rub it between your hands like this…

Cora Beth: Knute!!

Clayton: …you’ll end up with the raw oats.

Cora Beth: Knute!!!

Clayton: And if you taste it, it tastes just like the oatmeal you have for breakfast.

Cora Beth: KNUTE!!!

Clayton: My name is Clayton.

Cora Beth: CLAYTON!!

Clayton: Yes?

Cora Beth: I know ALMOST EVERYTHING!!!

Jenny: [Hugging Cora Beth’s dad Anthony in bliss] That is totally going on my blog!


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1 Response to At Rise: Whatever Your Name Is, Uncle

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    Uncle KNUTE!? Sounds like a northern European medieval fantasy series. And Clayton looks the part. I can understand why Cora’s knowledge extends only to “almost” everything.


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