Hospital Clowning: Family Separation

Tuesday, June 19th 2018


Catching a moment of fresh air during lunch with the fabu Dr. Bafu.


Dr. Bafu is so wonderful to know and to work with.  Sometimes he is so funny and I am doing practically nothing as I observe the scene.  Fortunately I am learning to relax and have faith in these moments of not knowing.  Then there are other times when we are singing together and it is practically divine.   And there are other times still when a patient enjoys blowing him off and embracing dear Dr. Be Bopper instead.   Not every clown is for every body, but we got lots of love and fun for anybody.  Oh, and I got routines for dogs yes I do.

1. Mommy! delete sad-girl-little-feeling-upset-sadness-depression-36304393.jpg

We are entertaining a child in pre-op when a gurney gets going from the bay next to us.  The patient is a little three year old fair-haired girl in a big clean bed surrounded by five clean, calm, gowned-up health care professionals rolling her down the hall to surgery.  The mom and dad stay behind and watch their baby go as she starts crying, “Mom-my!  M-O-M-M-Y!  Mo-o-o-mmy!!

Her cries seem to dampen down by the the medications taking effect as she floats down the hall.

Lucky girl.

I think reparative surgery is an excellent reason to separate a family.



#FamliiesBelongTogether  #EndFamilySeparationNow

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