Border Separation: Harvesting Babies Fresh Off the Tap

Thursday, June 14th 2018

delete flag baby.jpeg


Federal officials took her daughter,

 while she was breastfeeding the baby.

They handcuffed her for resisting.

Another day another dollar for privatized prisons.

Another victory for xenophobes.

Another head for the ledger.

I listened to a caller today on Boston radio say that border separation is “being overplayed” and that he “doesn’t know” about breastfeeding mothers.  Another one saying she stands with Trump “all the way.”  She’s got her 401K for her retirement in Arizona and is sick of people in her workplace not having visas “for more than five days.”



As a reminder:  If you ever wondered what you would have done when fascism was on the rise in late 1930’s Germany… you are doing it right now:



Not a child of an asylum seeker you say?

Not a descendant of one either?

Are you sure?

Oh then you must be NATIVE AMERICAN then.

How wholly unexpected.

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