Hospital Clowning: May the Fourth Be With You

Friday, May 4th 2018

rebel side

“Jedi-in-Training” Dr. Be Bopper with “Obi Wan Gonzo” and the Rebel Fighters


Another great day with Dr. Gonzo, my Jedi Master for the day.   Even though;

1)   NOT A GIRL!

abby gabby


First elevator ride and we’ve captured the interest of a sweet small child and mother.  They are going up to see a baby sister.  “Oh wow are you a BIG sister?” I ask stupidly.  “BROTHER!” says the mother.  “He’s a BOY.  Look at his hair.  Girls don’t wear their hair like that!

Never mind that I am female and wearing my hair in the exact same style at that very moment; two puffy ponytail  buns.  I have to learn better how to use gender neutral pronouns and terminology.  Hopefully the next two year old will know what I mean when I say “Sibling” instead of brother or sister.  Grr.



child-dentist-chair-cute-cartoon-boy-visit-sitting-dental-scared-expression-58232370Usually in the Dental Clinic kids are actively being treated in chairs as we float through, and I wonder whose idea it is to have clowns even go there at all.  But today a nurse asks us to please go in to a child who was having a tough time.  The child has clearly been crying and the mood is glum.  Some silly Star Wars antics and magic seem to relax his whole body before we leave.  At lunch Dr. Gonzo encounters the family in the cafeteria and they say everything turned around after we left and thank him profusely.



We have a few special requests today but most notably for me is running into the Star Wars Empire cosplayers.  My goodness they are so authentic.  I am playing the Darth Vader Theme Song on kazoo when Darth Vader himself appears and interrupts with his trademark voice and breathing “Khiiih-Khoooh… YOU’RE. PLAYING. MY. SONG.” 



Later in the Emergency Department we find out he’s come through, held out his hand over a young patient and said, “THE FORCE IS STRONG IN THIS ONE.”  This child agrees to come to the Dark Side.  Vader says, “GOOD.  Khiiih-Khoooh… WE HAVE COOKIES.

dark side

The Dark Side has cookies.


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1 Response to Hospital Clowning: May the Fourth Be With You

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Well, “cookies” explains why so many righteous individuals go to the dark side. I’d do it myself!

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