Staycation Staycation

Monday April 23rd 2018

Ironman couch



I think the key ingredient to our April Staycation is that we THOUGHT we would go somewhere.  (As in the past.)  Anywhere around really, to get out from messing up the house, driving each other nuts or stewing in our own juices.  So there were THREE whole purely unadulterated, unspoken for days on the calendar to go ANYWHERE.

But some of us just got back from a big trip to California anyway, and frankly we unexpectedly just got our asses handed to us by the IRS.  And Gavin’s birthday is coming up this week and -oh yeah- we love it here!  What greater luxury is there than to *enjoy* the life you’ve created anyway, god forbid?

So the kids played with their friends, and we worked on projects and stuff.

1. Organizing Books: 

Funny how they get read the most when they are all over the floor.


2.  Playing with Friends

Not to mention spending half of vacation rollerskating around in your Supergirl Suit.


3.  Dallying in the Tiny Playground

2018-04-20 18.31.08 Tiny Playground  2018-04-20 18.32.36 Tiny Playground



My son acting “being” depressed on the tiny ride lol.


4. More Rooftop Inspiration

2018-04-22 11.50.29 Rooftop

“This is my dog form the fuchr”

(And the dog is dreaming his way right back to her too.)



5.  Preparing to be TEN:

Purple HAIR, home made case for new PILLOW, and hand painted NAME SIGN.



6. Bonding with Kitten:

2018-04-23 07.37.05 CJ & Kitten.jpg
Of whom we quite literally cannot get enough.


7.  Random Stuff:

Knuckleheads, #TinyStonehenge, Cat Weighing Down Juggler, Sleeping Mascot

And noteably,


Out of this unstructured down time our son leapt to the stern as self-appointed Activities Director and helped schedule our time such that we would HANG OUT on our OWN COUCH and watch ALL THREE IRONMAN movies TOGETHER.  They did not disappoint!  So good.  In fact, spoiler alert, who do you think saves the day at the end of Ironman III?

pepper potts on fire

Why Pepper Potts, fire and rage look great on you!


Notably it was heaven to spend hours, over days, all snuggling on the couch.

In conclusion, it’s not that I have zero envy of friends who toured Puerto Rico or anything, but once in a while it just seems a really good idea to listen to the cat.

2018-04-22 17.44.23 Flash Stay

Stay right here.

#Staycation2018 ♥

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2 Responses to Staycation Staycation

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Sounds heavenly.
    No long car rides.
    No TSA patdowns.
    No long plane rides being dehydrated in a tube.
    No slippin a disk on a 3000-mile redeye (take it from me).
    Think of the money you saved, so you can give it to the IRS. (They need it to bomb the rubble formerly known as Syria. And, of course, for ‘s Dump’s military parade.)
    And finally…
    The books are ORGANIZED! (HA!) Well, then, read.

  2. Indeed Mom, thanks! (Even if the books are now yet just all over the kids’ floor…)

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