Tobin Art Show 2018

Friday, April 13th 2018

2018-04-13 TOBIN MONTESSORI ART SHOW [90seconds]:



“CONFUZLED” by Gavin: 

2018-04-13 08.20.51 -1

I want viewers to notice:  “the green blob with eyes”
















“SUNDAY” by ClaraJane

2018-04-13 08.18.18 -1

I chose this artwork because: “is budfol”


Not officially a part of the Art Show, but one of my favorite installations nonetheless.


2018-04-13 08.18.55 - 1



Honorable Mention in Fascist Times:  “D*NALD TR*MP”

2018-04-13 08.54.43 -1

I want viewers to notice:  “the nose”

It’s a comfort to know that even children can see that he is morally bankrupt.

Hopefully we will be rid of this scourge and his supporters (including the two of you reading this post) soon enough for the next generation to reverse damage and implement policies of compassion and responsibility.

fingers crossed




fingers crossed




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2 Responses to Tobin Art Show 2018

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Thank you for this sampling of the Tobin Art Show.

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Really beautiful (budfol) work, Gavin and ClaraJane!!

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