At Rise: Spidey Money Dream

aka:  How to Wake Up Woke

Wednesday, April 11th 2018


AT RISE:  Mom has moved 9 y/o Gavin and 6 y/o ClaraJane to the big bed where all are waking up for the day.

GAVIN:  Mom,  I had a dream that I was like Spiderman?  Except instead of web shooting out of my hand, a million dollars would appear in my hand whenever I wanted.  I showed it to you and then of course you made me deposit most of it in my bank account.  But then when you and daddy were doing taxes, I paid you like $100,000 to pay attention to me instead of taxes.  [laughs]  But then I was able to donate to -what’s that Revolution organization?- yeah, OurRevolution.  And also to those two guys who are cleaning plastic out of the ocean, because I really want to support those guys.  And to places that are like,  helping immigrants and stuff like that.  Yeah.  And then I could use it to help stop crime.  Because; most people who commit crime do it for money, and…

CLARAJANE:   YEAH!!  Because the reason bank robbers rob is for the money?  So you could just SHOOT the money at their head so they turn and look?  [giggles]  And then you could keep shooting the money in the direction you want them to go, like prison?  And the robbers would just keep following the money all the way.  Then the police could open the door to the stall?   And you just shoot the money in there and they go in there?  Then the police could just shut the door behind them and lock it with the key!

MOM & GAVIN:  [Nodding in agreement.]


#WakeUpWoke and  #FollowYourDreams



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1 Response to At Rise: Spidey Money Dream

  1. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Cute love to all.

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