At Rise: My Other, Like, Daughter

Wednesday, April 11th 2018

cat playing clarinet.jpg

AT RISE:  The Oberhauser four are in the car arriving home in the afternoon.

Daddy:  OK who’s ready to go to ClaraJane’s clarinet recital tonight at the high school?

Mom:  Beg your pardon?

Dad:   ClaraJane has a clarinet performance tonight at the high school.

Gavin:  Um…

Mom:  You realize you’re saying ClaraJane right?

Daddy:  Yes, ClaraJane has a… OH.  I mean my *other* daughter.  Not daughter.  ClaraJ… Olivia.

ClaraJane:  [who neither has nor plays a clarinet] PHEW!!!!!

Everyone: [laughing]



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