TSA Times: Ma’am Where Are Your Kids Devices?

Wednesday, March 28th 2018


airplane mode

Going through airport security rigmarole, we receive the myriad instructions from TSA agents; shoes off, laptops out, jackets in the tray, etc.   

“Any other devices bigger than a cellphone also need to be out in the tray,” says the agent.

I put my computer and cellphone in the bin, and the kids put in their backpacks. 

TSA man looks at me and says, “Any tablets, computers or personal devices go in the tray.” 

I look back at him and blink from the fog of having slept only 3 hours in two days.

He gestures toward the kids, “Ma’am, do they have any tablets or computers?”

“Oh god no!” I blurt out, “We live in the REAL world.”  Unfiltered and delirious I continue, “I want them to have HEALTHY brain development!” 

“That’s good,” he says.

We walk through the metal detector. 

“Yeah, I believe in parenting,” I tell him.

“I hear you,” he offers, “It’s rare these days.” 

I KNOW, right?

I don’t mean to be self-righteous, congratulatory or sanctimonious. 


I have to muzzle myself with such regularity in the restaurants where I work while parents FRY their kids’ brains on video devices the entire time BEFORE, DURING and AFTER dinner… it feels good to just say it out loud.   In front of people and everything.   

It’s not that I’m *surprised* the TSA guy assumed I was forgetting to pull out my kids’ devices…  I… I… maybe just felt a little indignant to bump up against yet another manifestation of our culture’s unhinged addiction to replacing parenting and relationships with video devices;  the TSA agent assumes I must be *forgetting* to display my kids’ devices, which they obviously must have.  

Pass the barf bag!

barf emoji.jpg


Once in our seats I have the kids take out their journals and do at least a couple pages each before gorking out on the airplane’s cornucopia of video selections.  (Like, why would we even need their own devices as well?)   

Soon after takeoff I’m crafting this post when Gavin interrupts to insist I watch this scene with him: 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul | “No Devices” Clip [1 minute]:

“But… without devices… there’s nothing to DO!”


OMG I could not tear myself away and watched the rest of it with my son, one earbud each.  I’m telling you, Alicia Silverstone and the whole cast is EXCELLENT in this movie.  My newest favorite movie!

(And yes, I’m aware the irony of starting this post about no devices and ending it by watching a movie with my son.  Welcome to treading the balance with reasoned judgement to the best of my limited ability.)



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