At Rise: Sea Bacon Unicorn

Wednesday, January 3rd 2018

[Sea Bacon: / sē bākən/   Skin of the fish, crisped to salty perfection by Daddy’s culinary magic.]


2018-01-03 19.00.54


AT RISE:  The Oberhauser four are plowing through one of Daddy’s beautiful sushi feeds.  ClaraJane is dressed head-to-toe in her Unicorn outfit.

Daddy:  OK, I’m gonna make a roll with sea bacon and avocado.

CJ:  Oh!  Where’s the Sea Bacon?

Mom:  Unicorn be like:  SEA BACON!?!

CJ: [Flatly] Really, Mom?   [stares blankly]

 Mom:  [Stares back.]

CJ:  You had to call me “unicorn“?

Three Oberhausers shrink into poorlyl stifled giggles.  One Unicorn crosses her arms in protest.


2018-01-03 19.00.38


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