A Short Walk in the Snow

Sunday, December 10th 2017

bare feet in snow.jpg

Apparently my son had an incident where he was carrying the recycling downstairs when the paper bag ripped open and spilled its contents all over the stair well.  From what he told me it was pretty miserable and took him a while to clean up and take care of, which he did.  After that he told me he decided to take a walk outside in his bare feet, in the snow.  He said it hurt and his feet turned numb and he didn’t get very far but… he somehow had this realization of what a really good life he has.  He said he realized that lots of people would love to trade places with him; to have a nice warm home to come home to; clothes; a comfy bed to sleep in, and a great mom to love you.


#Gratitudes  #Gavin  #GivinandHavin

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1 Response to A Short Walk in the Snow

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    a snowy day…

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