At Rise: Favorites

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

fart warning sign.jpg

[Mom is climbing under boy’s blanket with him for bedtime snuggles.]

Boy:  I love you so much!

Mom:  I love you so much too!  And furthermore… *pfffft.*  That’s how you know you’re my favorite; because I save my farts for your bed.

Boy:  Ah… yes!  And that’s how you know *you’re* my Favorite Mom!

Mom:   Why, because I’ve eliminated all the competition and I’m all that’s left?

Boy:  Yes, AND!  Because I save all my farts for your FACE.


Please note:

  1.  I’m not proud of these events per se, I’ve just recorded them as they actually occurred.
  2. OK I’m a little proud, of him for having such a great sense of love, of humour AND… for using the magic number one phrase for collaboration in a creative and peaceful world; “Yes, AND…” 

That’s my Boy.



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