Hospital Clowning: Little Piggy

Thursday, November 9th 2017

PIgs Fly

After a hospital day yesterday spent struggling to find my inner clown, my way around this work and what music I can play,  I was delighted to have the opportunity jump back in the saddle again so soon today.

Whereas my partner yesterday is an energetic music circus talent personality machine, my partner today is like half human, half clown and half ethereal spirit of some kind.  Whereas I have spent most of my shifts so far paired with partners generous with much needed information by the neophyte that is me, my partner today is possessed of an indescribable devil-may-care, everything-is-fine, copacetic, non-analytic intuition genius.  She has this inexplicable kind of surreal, dead-pan, disarming and pure way of being.  And while I can’t claim to understand it or really know what’s happening all the time, I certainly like her and working with her feels almost breezy.

I don’t know what floor we are on when we enter the otherwise empty room of a baby writhing in his crib fiercely sucking his hands.  I start in on some lullaby music and my partner offers her face up close to his through the bars.  His hands come out of his mouth and his whole body calms as he takes in the sounds and completely dials in to her face.  He locks eyes with her, she keeps up sweet silly faces in her indescribable way, I keep singing.  His eyelids start to flutter but he fights to keep them open.  He is sleepy but does not want to miss out.  She blocks some of the window light with her doctor coat and his breathing falls into a steady rhythm with little raspy grunts.  His eyes are still locked with hers, he becomes completely still and the little grunts become more pronounced.  We realize he has fallen asleep!  He would not close his eyes so he fell asleep with his eyes open.

“OK then, goodnight little piggy,” she says affectionately, and we float on out of there.

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