Juggler Days: Eager Escort

Sunday, October 22nd 2017


Parking outside the client’s venue in Charlestown MA, I am almost done unloading my props when I hear a voice ask, “Juggler?”  “Yes,” I say, turning to face a man suddenly grabbing one of my two carts of props.  Although I’m taken aback at his gruff, bold approach, I’m glad enough someone greeted me outside to escort me in.  Fine.  I finish locking up and turn to see that my whole cart of props he grabbed has been thrown on its side into the trunk of a car, including my basket of actual bunny rabbits.

“Wait where are we going?!” I ask.

“You are, Jengar?” he asks in a thick accent.  And then I see it; the sticker on his car says “Uber.”

“OHHH!”  I tell him, “I am not your rider!  I thought you were from the event I am performing, inside this building!”  He is not amused.  He doesn’t speak much English.  Or say much that I can even guess where his accent is from.

He unloads my stuff and we part ways.  I roll my own props -as is my custom go figure- up to the locked door of the building and start to wonder how long I will be stuck outside in costume before making it through security for Logan’s 5th birthday party.

PS:  Yes the bunnies are fine.

#JugglerDays  #GigLife

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